Thursday, October 19, 2006

Learn Their Games & Their Dirty Tricks

Is managements Weapon of Choice !
Common Misconceptions and the

Management will always oppose a union, that’s a fact. Your managers and supervisors will employ empty promises, lies threats and intimidation tactics when you try to organize.
Management has been using these deceptions for years, however when these tactics are exposed for what they are, security professionals like yourself vote in favor of Unionization!
Deception # 1 Supervisors usually come around asking for another chance to change problems on the job, once an organizing drive gathers some momentum. The company may tell you that they didn’t know you and your co-officers were dissatisfied. Your supervisor may well start treating you better and showing new concern for your
When workers give the company a second chance, they are always bitterly disappointed. Once the pressure is off, the company rarely changes. In most cases, your chance of winning an organizing drive is best the first time around. Don’t be tricked out of your first, best chance
Deception # 2 Although it is illegal, the company will say you’ll be bargaining from scratch. Management will tell you that when you negotiate a contract, you may lose the wages and benefits you already have.
It is illegal for an employer to threaten to reduce benefits if a union is voted in. when you negotiate a first contract, you stat from the pay and benefits you already have and build on them. You are the union and you and your co-officers decide what to ask for in your contract.
Deception # 3 The company will tell you you’ll never benefit from a UNION Contract because they’ll never sign one. Since it is illegal to say this directly, they may say, “Remember we don’t have to agree to what the union wants in the contract”.
Your company is legally required to negotiate with the union you choose. Every company talks tough before workers organize; don’t let them bully you. It’s in the company’s interest to keep its employees satisfied and keep the work flowing. Once you present them with reasonable contract proposals, management usually compromises.
Deception # 4 Although it is illegal, the company may tell you that if the union is voted in they’ll replace you and your jobs by outsourcing its security department to a non-union company.
It is illegal for an employer to threaten you or your jobs for trying to organize a union. The bottom line is the National Labor Relations Act Section 7 protects your rights to organize and makes it illegal for an employer to outsource your jobs and/or replace you for voting in a union.
Deception # 5 Management may tell you that a union can force you out on strike whether you want to go or not. They may threaten that if you leave your job for a strike you could lose it forever. They may ask you how your family will survive if you are forced out on strike.
When a company threatens that a union will force you out on strike, they break the law. No union can force you to strike. No union wants to strike. Strikes only happen when the company refuses to bargain in good faith with the union and its employees. In any event a strike is a decision voted upon by you and your co-officers. If the majority officers don’t want to strike, there is no strike!
Deception # 6 The Company will tell you that the union just wants your money. They may lie about the amount of dues and/or initiation fees you will pay to be a union member. They may also tell you, you’ll have to pay dues immediately after voting for a union. This is a Lie!
There are NO Initiation Fees and dues are only payable after the union negotiates your Written Union Contract, which you must vote to accept.
When you compare your present pay, benefits, working conditions and the lack of job security vs. improvements in pay, benefits, working conditions and job security spelled out in a Written Union Contract, the cost of belonging to union far exceeds the monthly dues of two and a half times your hourly rate –!
Deception # 7 Your employer will tell you “The Union can’t guarantee you not one cent” and that you may well lose your wages and benefits by voting for a UNION.
Right now you are an at-will employee and can be fired at anytime without any rights or Federal or State laws protecting you! The truth is with a UNION, you at least have laws protecting your rights in the event of retaliation and the right to negotiate a legal and binding contract that indeed does GUARANTEE you the wages, benefits, and Job Security you all deserve!
Remember YOU are the UNION ! …….
Without a Strong Union Like Union Contract Protecting Your Rights …Your Employer has the Ultimate POWER to…. Fire You without just cause - Outsource Your Jobs – Change Your Shift-Lower Your Wages – Cut Your Hours and anything else he can think of …… BEWARE !
That is WHY Management is Fighting So Hard to Convince you not to belong to our STRONG UNION – GCC/IBT Local432-M San Diego !


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