Monday, February 12, 2007

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Graphic Communications Conference
of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters

10393 San Diego Mission Road, Suite 207
San Diego, CA 92108-2176
Local 432 M

Phone: 619-283-6788
Fax: 619-283-8011

Dear Press & Packaging Employees,

A lot of questions have arisen a petition going around in the packaging department one of your co-workers. It is not a de-certification petition.There is already a de-certification petition pending with the NLRB and it will be dealt once the newspapers quits violating NLRB laws. If you are being told that this petition overrides the first one you are being lied to. If promises are being made to you to sign this petition please let your committee know and ask the person who is passing this petition around what has been promised to him by the newspaper.

It has also come to our attention that a company representative is asking potential new hires for Packager 1's if they are Union supporters. This illegal and will be investigated.

The NLRB ruled in favor of the newspaper regarding the charge over the palletizer. The Union has begun the appeal process and feels very strongly that we can get the Labor Board decision overturned. There are 2 other NLRB charges, JIT's and the Attendance Policy, that were ruled in the Union's favor but have not been officially settled because the newspaper won't agree to formal settlement.

There has been a long break in our negotiations due to the holidays and everyone's scheduling. We will resume negotiations the last 2 days of February and the 1st and 2nd day in March. The newspaper, we assume, will continue to want pay cuts, no seniority, have us pay more for health care, work you anywhere they want, when they want on any shift they want and so and so on.

This newspaper not only hates this Union but also will make workdays miserable and do what they can to financially harm our families and us.

People all over this country stand up on a daily basis to support their beliefs and causes but this company does not agree with this.

"If we dont's stand up to corporate greed in this country our kids and grandkids will be living in poverty."

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Your Bargaining Committees