Saturday, August 05, 2006

Dirty Campaign

Thursday, June 09, 2005 Election Day
All the union supporters worked on system 1 and the operators and the supervisors kept on eye whatever mistakes we will commit!
We were Jing, Benny, Ernie,May, Drew, A new bad smelling fat guy, Sinbad, other side were Alex Sahagun, Krystal, Lupe while Michael going back and forth to his office getting aprons forcefully offering some employees to wears theirs, they were trying very hard and forcing the people to convince to vote for them since the very start of our shift.
Bravely enough, I had shoot a video Marina talking so long to Albert on the middle isle for about 30 minutes! And Marina warned Freddie Perez not to talk to any body but in reality they were the one who always violate the rule and regulation of the election. And our voting and lunch time
totalled to 30 minutes that we cannot campaign and influenced others. They don't gave us any consideration like giving us an ample time for our lunch break and voting time like the way they did last year, as I remember.

On the day before election Wednesday, June 08, 2005 Cris Norton, the supervisor warned and intimidate Freddie Perez not to use the bathroom, He also tried to intimidate me during my break, while walking down through the break area I passed by system nos. 1 on M hopper I saw Benny Tatoy and had a friendly greetings like shaking hands but Cris approached me and warned me that it was my break and I should go to the break area. But the reality they were really campaigning so hard and forced people, brainwashing or doing some scary tactics while we were working!

Also Marina warned Lily and Freddie not to talk to anybody but they were the one who was campaigning so hard one on one talking to the people while working! And Even
Michael going back and forth getting some campaign paraphernalia like apron....while the supervisor were all on eyes to us ( union supporters) and finding any misbehavior or mistakes on our job!

Sunday June 12, we had a little victory party..guys in the pressroom gave us a congratulation letter and gave us their appreciation and moral support...Mike Higgins and Jack
from the Pressroom had their speeches about what comes next? And what to expect!...A lot of people gave their support to us for winning the majority vote..Esther, the operator and confessed to me about Marina's campaign tactics and she told me that she warned Marina that she is violating the law of a fair election...especially for the way he is treating the filipino like Virgi Opianal and the others, I am really sorry for my people they dont know what they are fighting for, they are misinformed about the issues, they are scared for nothing, I hope they changed and be open minded and don't take it personally against one another. I really loved them and try to unite them, teach to fight for the common goal! I was able to shoot a video of this event, I'm the video man!!!


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