Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stand Up For What Is Right!

Saturday June 4, 2005
Ernie and me after fullfilling our job assignment as stackdown crew on press C, we tried to fix all the papers on the reject station system nos. 1 and this is how we do it. Meaning, after doing the stackdown we go to the rejects station or they will run another machine. But this this time since they have enough people on the machine, we went to rejects to save some good papers. And surprisingly,Michael approach us like this. " How are you guys?" So What Do You Think, You will get out of this?" Since Im wearing my earpluggs and the noise decibels is really high, this is how I heard it and understand him. I let him talk and listen and try to comprehend
to what his saying, but I can say it's a routinely act and pre-plan, and they will do anything just to intimidate me and us, He told me that he was really upset about me and he even apologized, And I sincerely answered him I knowledgibly know that Im exercising my right and positive that I will get it. I might lose a friend but I will get my right. I also told him that in my heart, I idolized him as a person but he is in the wrong place, in the wrong time and in the wrong situation. He got I teary eyed and I got emotional not because I am sorry for what I'm doing. But because I'm happy that he talked to me, because its almost 2 weeks that he is giving
me a frowning face but I also realized that he was hired here not to really help us in the first place but to surpressed our basic human rights, he is one of the union busters, like Lamont Monroe. I told Michael I am very proud of myself whatever comes out on the election and we promised each other that we will be in good terms and be a good friend after this!


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