Friday, September 08, 2006

Now, Who's Next?

Today Oscar Gil is forced to quit and leave us and accept a new job. It is a sad day!!! He is one of the many who got affected on the new re-classification & schedule uniliterally implemented by the company.
The incident happened after having our thirty five-minutes lunch break. According to some sources Oscar was not able to go back to work on time after he took his lunch and Pam C. tried to suspend him but he rather told Pam C. (shift supervisor) that he is quitting this job! Benny Tatoy and Dwight Wilson (a.k.a. Sinbad) were the first one who informed me about the sad situation. And the news spread so quickly among my co-workers and everybody got shocked about his decision. Dwight and Jing told me that Oscar got another job and forced to quit this job because of financial reason, well that's what the company wants to give us economic hardship and leave them. I'm really sad when I knew about this. And before we end up the shift Oscar gave his last words to me. I told him we are really sorry for what happened and he promised me that he will still be behind us and try to attend the union meeting and will still give his support to us. And I honor his decision. For all we know Oscar Gil together with Steve O. are the good guys who initiate the ideals that it is time this department needs to have a union. And Ernie Bayalan, Benny Tatoy, Nathan Rabina, Freddie Perez and the rest of my co-workers together with his best friend Dwight Wilson (Sinbad) supported them. From collecting signatures, campaigning and making it win on the election last year, Oscar together with my friends and co- workers have gone a long way. After a year of supporting and standing up for what is right for us was a good time to re-discover ourselves as friends. We were together trying to spread the good things and the truth about having a union and their rights as a worker. In helping each other to solidify the group, a much deeper human relationship evolved through my co-workers, the real meaning of having a union " The Spirit of Brotherhood!" And partly we owe this to Oscar Gil!!! It is just sad to think that now that we are growing strong, more united and gaining a lot of support from the members this thing happened. It really shows that the management is so desparately doing anything just to get rid of the union! Lastly I would like to have a piece of advice to all my co-workers to be professional and do your job accordingly and always take note of any unfair labor practice they might commit and always write it down. It is not enough that you work hard, you must know your right as a worker, of course as human being! Don't fall into their trap....Don't be a victim! And we are not stupid... it is only a matter of numbers as Mark dal Nagro is always telling me: The decision depends on us, he said "It is the minority of a few or either the majority of the many!" What an intellectual comment from my friend Mark (He works in UT Packaging Department for the last 25 years). Before we start the shift today a lot of my co-workers got offended to Pam C.'s instruction about the rules and the policy of the company. ( She said anybody caught reading, talking and bringing food on the machine will be written up!) Just a reminder, we are not colony of ants she is dealing with human beings! Instructions are good but considerations works better. And that's what you call a good leadership, a leader who is trustworthy! How many times she messed up her job everyday? Favoritism (giving special treatment to other workers) the routing...the job assignment schedule...poor communication to all the workers...abuse of power... to name a few. Does she knows how to give credits to people who deserves? I am just wondering what Michael Connors job description now that Pam C. is running a one man- show learning everything on the floor. With the blessing from the upper management from her fairy godmother Pat M., I supposed, my friends and co-workers should open their eyes and be sensible everyday. Let's watch them!
Now the question is.....after Oscar....Who's Next? Maybe YOU...ME...THEM or US!!! "We should remember having a union is our basic human right !" And even the Congress cannot make any changes on this! It is the law.


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