Monday, August 21, 2006

The Union-Tribune Wants San Diego To Lose

Over the years, Padres fans have always turned to the San Diego
Union-Tribune for the latest news on our town and our team. But
now, the Union-Tribune is hurting San Diego workers and families.
The Union-Tribune's pressroom and mailroom employees are
hardworking, loyal men and women who have made it one of the
country's most succesful newspapers. Yet, instead of rewarding
their dedication, management (led by owner David Copley) has
stalled contract negotiations for more than a year, trying to force
these workers to take a whopping 50% cut in base salary and
health benefits. The cuts would drive many of them into poverty.

Many of these employees are Latino and Filipino immigrants who
have come to this country to work hard and improve their families'
lives. Now, after profiting from their hardwork, the Union-Tribune is
taking away their American dream.

Union-Tribune: Play fair.
Don't drive San Diego
workers into poverty.

This leaflet is not intended to nor does it ask any employees to cease to work or delivery


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