Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Letter From The Committee for Fairness @ the UT

Graphic Communications Conference of

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

GCC/IBT Local 432-M

1093 San Diego Mission Rd #207

August 8, 2006

Dear Packaging Employees,

After reading Mr. Connor's letter dated, August 4, 2006, you may have the opportunity again to tell the "Anti" Union-Tribune we "still" want to be represented by the Graphic Communications Conference/International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

There has been unfair labor practice charges filed against the newspaper, on your behalf. The most recent charge outlines how the company unilaterally changed the work schedule without negotiating with your bargaining representatives. These outrageous, illegal changes in the work schedule that will cause economic hardship to "YOU", the Packaging Department workers is about the lowest "ANTI UNION" tactic that a company could do to its workers.

Listed below are several of the charges that have been filed:

  1. Allowing an employee to solicit and circulate a decertification petition during working time.
  2. Unilaterally changing the way operators are scheduled on holidays.
  3. Unilaterally changing the operator's hours of work.
  4. Unilaterally changing the perfect attendance program.

These unfair labor practice charges were filed because the Union feels strongly about the Newspaper discriminating against you for Union activity and your support of the Union that you voted to represent you. They were not filed to take away you right to vote.

Since June 2005 when you voted for Union representation, this newspaper has gone out of their way to make anyone who supported the Union support, and that all packaging department employees would suffer as well. Their plan is to convince as many people as they can that because of the Union you will all pay the price until the Union is voted out.

I suspect that in the days to come, supervisors, management staff and non-Union supporters may approoach you as individuals and try to convince you that without the Union things may go back to the way it used to be. This is again another labor law violation and along with the other charges that I have mentioned. This will only show how desperate the newspaper wants to be Union free. Finally, remember why the majority of Packaging Department workers voted to be represented by the UNION, they wanted to be treated fairly.


The Committee for Fairness at the Union- tribune!


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