Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Devil Is A Liar!

Date: Monday, 04 April 2005
From: Hipolito Meinardo Perez Belarmino (
To: Michael Connor
Subject: Treat Me Right!

Dear Michael,
I am here to have a written report what really happened last Wednesday, March 29.
About 6:45PM on System no.4. While trying to help my co-workers. I was treated badly, unfairly and insulted!
Alex Alcarion, the operator approached me unexpectedly and complaining against
me in tagalog " Pare wag mong ibagsak yang papel, di mo ba alam masisira ang fuse
nyan? Threatening me "Dadalhin kita sa opisina (" that I was bangging the papers too
much and that is not good, for I will break the fuse and he will bring me in the office!).
And asked me arrogantly ( with a dirtly looked ) " May problema ka ba sa akin?
(" DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME? ") And wanted me to send in the office. So, I stopped the machine and try to invite my two co-workers Benny and Nathan to witness the situation but Alex Alcarion stopped them intimidately and told them " "S'ya lang!(" HE ONLY WANTS ME TO BE IN THE OFFICE! ") So Andy Smith, the supervisor asked me the real score and and told him everything and I assured him that I am calm & ok! .We've talked about 45 minutes.
Since my day-one here in UT, I tried my best to understand his ( Alex Alcarion )
attitude, so since then I know what kind of person is he but still tried my very best to be a good friend of him, though I heard a lot of complaints against him.
Personally, he should treat us ( Filipinos) with respect and be proud for being hardworker
and reliable and not being used. He should realize we both share that " American
Dream? " He maybe wants to be the the top-notch in the company, that he pulls down each
and everyone of us ( especially for the filipinos ) for his own image.
I've heard a lot of complaints against him. And no one has file formally about his
attitude towards us ( filipinos) and other co- workers.
We always read and hear " Jog It Well and Keep It Low!"...the questions are "Are
all the the jogging table working good? Are the qualities of the inserts are good or stiff?
How much speed are we running? And always have consideration that most of the time
we are working more than one hopper and after all we are human, and we get tired!
And don't always put the blame on lights, yellow lights, rejects.....but who
really works hard if the machine are running good, the operators does the easy work.
They just yell and treat us with no respect and try to intimidate!" especially if you are a
new hiree.
Fairly, I can only name a few operators who are qualified in their position morally
and professionally some has changed for the better some not! They are just lucky to get
that kind of job!
This is not the first time a complaint has been filed against the operator's attitude
namely: unrespecfull, rudiness, abuse of power/ fault finder, no sense of teamwork
(they don't help ) and always put all the blame on us ( packager, feeder ) They should
realize that we always keep their machine running and save their ass. And we do repair
the rejects, if it is really needed. meaning we are doing a great job everyday. supposedly
that's why we are here and being paid for. That's our job!
So I hope this letter would give a better action not only for my own good but for
everyone who works here in the company especially in this department.
" Respect and Professionalism is what we all need because everyone of us here
deserve that kind of treatment!"
After all we all need to go to work everyday to earn a
Treat Us Right!
May Belarmino
Employee #: 106500
Packager II


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