Sunday, September 10, 2006

El Fili "The Reign of Greed"

They (UT) declare war...they've got war...YES, we are at war! The message from the company to us. Our answer...We have our strong & united union... Our voice at work! And it is our right!

It´s really sad that the company wants our department be full of hatred and make it a hostile place for a lot of my co-workers. The only strategy they know to fight against our right to have a union. As their company's nos.1 motto says "Human is their biggest resource!"They are hypocrite! Hate is the only reason people turn into monsters. No matter what nation or race you war there are no winners, we are all looser...war just sucks!!! Fight ignorance not immigrants! Homeland security starts with job security! Having a union is our voice at work and the anti-theft device to this greedy people!"Men of knowledge are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared but men of character are trusted!" They are terrorist!"
It's really a shame what they are doing to us!" as our brother Dwight Wilson (a.k.a Sinbad) said in the rally last August 24, 2006.


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