Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Negotiation Update

Graphic Communications Conference
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
GCC/IBT Local 432-M
10393 San Diego Mission Rd #207
San Diego, CA 92108-2176

Phone: 619-283-6788 Fax: 619-283-8011
September 26, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
We continue to feel your frustrations regarding the schedule changes and pay cuts that you have had to endure these last few weeks. We are very proud of how all of you have believed in our fight against the Tribune and also understand why it was the right decision to organize with our Union.
The Anti-Union Tribune, to this point, has showed it will do what ever it takes to make our lives miserable for organizing and supporting your Union.
Negotiations were canceled this month and next by the company for reasons only the company knows. Although cancellations do happen, it seems very coincidental that it happened after our rally.
We are checking with our attorneys at this point to see whether it is legal or illegal to go out on strike at The Anti-Union Tribune at this time. It does not mean that we will strike but we are just checking out all of our options. We feel that they continue to violate our right to have a Union and negotiate a fair contract. All we want is to be treated fairly.
The National Labor Relations Board should be coming out soon with their decisions on the charges filed by the Union. We are hoping that they rule in our favor and that they make the company pay back all monies lost.

Your Union Negotiating Committee


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